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Hester School of Dental Assisting in DeLand, Fla., is licensed 2013-2014 by the Commission for Independent Education (Lic. #4703) and provides a curriculum approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

Programs and Classes

The 1230 hour / 49.2 week dental assistant program with expanded functions offered by HSDA consists of 430 hours of theory, 500 hours of laboratory, and 300 hours of clinical externship.

Hester School of Dental Assisting, Inc. offers students Day Class for Expanded Functions Dental Assisting with Radiography 


  • Daytime Classes:  Monday through Thursday from 

        8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


To graduate, competent dental assistants with expanded functions will have completed all required 1230 hours/49.2 weeks of course work.


Course Breakdown


DA 101:Introduction to Dental Assisting: (Theory hours 75 / Lab hours 25) Introduce the dental assistant student to the Dental Profession, the History of Dentistry and the Dental Specialties.  Become familiar with strategies to understand the communication cycle, effectively communicate with patients and interact with patients in special populations and from other cultures.  Become knowledgeable in the Health Care Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as  understand the Ethics and Jurisprudence for Dentistry.  Begin Employment Strategies and aspects of Dental Office Management / DENTRIX. Prerequisite:  High School Diploma, GED or its equivalent.  


DA 103: Biomedical Sciences: (Theory hours 105 / Lab hours 50)  The dental assistant student will be knowledgeable in Microbiology, the disease of major concern to the dental assistant and receive 4 credit earning units in OSHA in an in-depth level of blood borne pathogen and hazards communications standards.  Requirements and safety involved in management of Hazardous Materials.  The dental assistant student will receive a basic understanding of body structures and functions, disease concepts and nutrition and dietary considerations of the dental patient.  Provide patients with the understanding of oral health and preventive techniques. Prerequisite:  General Health Statement, and DA 101.


DA 105: Dental Science I: (Theory hours 75 / Lab Hours 75):  Provide the dental assistant student with an understanding of the head and neck anatomy and Embryology and Histology.  Be able to describe a tooth, their names, numbers and surfaces.  Introduction to the Dental Off ice and Basic Chairside Assisting which provides the dental assistant student different dental office designs with a purpose for each area, the equipment and function of the equipment.  Understand the daily routine to open and close the dental office. Perform basic concepts of chairside assisting, basic chairside instruments and tray systems.  Perform instrument transfer while maintaining the operating field.  In-depth knowledge of moisture control and isolation including Rubber Dam techniques.  Prerequisite:  DA 103.


DA 106: Dental Science II: (Theory hours 75 / Lab hours 150):  Provides the dental assistant student knowledge in preparation for patient care, patient instruction and dental charting.  The importance of accuracy of the dental patient chart for litigation purposes and forensic needs.  Taking a patients Blood Pressure, Pulse and Respiration.  The knowledge and application of scientific principles of dental radiography with specific radiography requirements for certification with The State of Florida.  Application and Examination for State of Florida to be certified plus applicable fees.  Live Patient Requirement of the dental assistant student is 5 patients willing to provide the dental assistant student the expanded functions after the patient has gone through an initial oral examination.  Prerequisite:  DA 105.


DA 107: Clinical Science I: (Theory hours 50 / Lab hours 100):  The dental assistant student will be knowledgeable in the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 and knowledge related to drugs, pharmacology (prescriptions) and medicines.  Understand the possibilities of the emergency situations that may take place in a dental office.  Become CPR certified using the CAB approach.  Other skills such as the Heimlich manuever, determining if patient is conscious or unconscious.  Procedures for Patient with Syncope, Asthma, Hyperventilation, Patient experiencing seizures, Hypoglycemia and Angina pectoris.  Prerequisite:  DA 106.    


DA 108: Clinical Science II: (Theory hours 50 / Lab hours 100):  The dental assistant student will obtain knowledge in the Dental Specialties with hands-on clinical experience for practice of procedures in each Dental Specialty with local tours of dental specialty offices in the area.  Recognition of specialty instruments, the use of the instrument and materials associated with each specialty procedure.  Prerequisite: DA 107.


DA 109: Clinical Externship: (Total hours 300):  

Rotation I: General Dentistry in a private or clinical setting with weekly evaluations by the dentist and or staff. Instructor evaluations will be once per rotation. A minimum 25 hours per week is required with "signed" time sheets and DR. Eval forms faxed at the end of each week to receive full credit. Return to HESTER SCHOOL of Dental Assisting, Inc. for scheduled seminar with team members and evaluation before second rotation.  VIEW Journal of Experiences.  Prerequisite:  DA 101, 103, 105, 106, 107, 108.

Rotation II: :  General Dentistry in a private or clinical setting and or a Specialty of Dentistry of your choice and availability with weekly evaluations by the DR.  Instructor evaluations will be once per rotation.  A minimum of 25 hours per week is required with “signed” time sheets and DR. Eval forms faxed at the end of each week to receive full credit.  Return to HESTER SCHOOL of Dental Assisting, Inc. for scheduled seminar with team members and evaluation of experience before employment.  Prerequisites:  Successful Completion of Clinical Externship Rotation I, a Final Cover Letter and Resume for Employment and a completed Journal of Experience turn-in at completion of Rotation I & II. Scheduled Completion/Exit Plan and Diploma.