Hester School of Dental Assisting in DeLand, Fla., is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (Lic. #4703) and provides a curriculum approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

Student Testimonials

My name is Vanessa Futch and I just graduated from Hester School of Dental Assisting as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA). I want to talk about my experience at this school. This program was very thorough and will prepare you to get a job right after graduating. Mrs. Hester is an awesome teacher. She is full of dental knowledge.
What I loved the most about Mrs. Hester teaching this program was the she has 30+ years of assisting experience and has a story for every topic discussed in class. This helped me to remember things that we need to know as EFDA assistants. The school has four operatories, a lab, and sterilization room. You will get to practice everything as much as you want to. You will get a lot of hands on experience in the school and also at the Good Samaritan. If you opt in the work and take this program seriously, it will be very easy to make all A's and "rock it" in your externship. I made all A's and during my externship I went to three different offices. I got 3 letters of recommendation and 2 job offers. I would recommend anyone who is serious about becoming a dental assistant to choose this program.

"Hester School of Dental Assisting has been an awesome experience. I enjoyed going to school everyday. The small class size was perfect for me because all my questions were answered and I could get 1 on 1 time with the instructor if need be. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone interested in the dental field."

Omar Galvan
"Hester School gave me an open door of opportunity that I didn't have before. Working as a CNA does not give you an option of better pay or good hours, the dental field does. Hester School has been there through my good days and bad days. They still make sure after graduation that I'm still doing ok. Hester School has been not only a school by my family. Didn't regret my choice when I was looking for a school. I came in a scared person not knowing the out come leaving a confident person with a power of knowledge."

Clare Hill Kelly.
"I attended Hester School of Dental Assisting not really sure what to expect, I had no previous dental knowledge but I was always interested. My first day I was so nervous and so scared but Mrs. Hester was very welcoming and very encouraging which made me at ease. Throughout the program I saw just how involved being a dental assistant is. I also saw how knowledgable Mrs. Hester was. She was very helpful and truly cared about her students lives. I left for my externship feeling prepared and ready. I was asked many times where I went to school because of all the knowledge I had gained. I got to experience many different Doctors and the way they ran their offices as well as many different specialities. I now have a full time dental assisting job and I am loving it. Everyday something Mrs. Hester taught us comes to my mind and I can't feel more lucky. I truly feel like I was sent out into the dental field prepared and well educated. Thank you Hester School of Dental Assisting!"

Amelia Kiewit

"Hester School of Dental Assisting was a great program. I learned everything I need to know. The class size is perfect because all your questions get answered and you get things throughly explained to you till you understand. I enjoyed everyday of school, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in dentistry."
-Breanna Porcella